Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm doing some restauration, can you match some veneer for me?

    It's really hard to match timber from either a photo or a small piece. It's far easier (but still hard) if you have the furniture in front of you and look at pictures either on this site or try one of the many timber databases that are available on the web.
    Do remember that you will probably have to dye the veneer to get a really good match so go with something that appears to be slightly lighter in colour than the furniture.

  • Can I pay with bank transfer?

    Yes you can, send us an email through the Contact us page and we'll send you the bank details.

  • When will my order arrive?

    We normally ship all orders the following work day.
    For standard shipping expect 4-6 work days.
    For express shipping expect 1-2 work days.

  • Do you carry preglued veneer?

    No we currently don't.
    An alternative way is to use PVA glue and iron, we will create some information abou the process but in short you put glue on both the substrate and the veneer and let it dry.
    You can then position the veneer on the substrate and the use an iron to re-activate the glue, this a very good way of gluing large pieces of veneer.

  • Do you carry veneer banding?

    No we currently don't.

  • Leaf size, does 190 x 25cm mean 190cm x 25cm?

    Yes it does.

  • Do you have more veneers that aren't on the website?

    No, all veneer that we have available are on the website.