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Unfortunately we can’t make or take phone calls at the moment. Please provide as much information as possible in the form below and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Sure, if you are a well established customer with multiple previous purchases then we can certainly assist with a small sample.

Most of our veneers are 0.6mm thick. If it’s not 0.6mm thick then it will be noted in the description what the thickness is.

We use Australia Post and Fastway for our shipping depending on address and parcel size. We ship from Townsville (4815). Australia Post says 4 business days to Brisbane, 6 to Sydney and Melbourne. We ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and your order need to be placed no later than 5pm the previous day to make it.

All our veneers are listed on the website, if it’s not listed there then we currently don’t have it in stock.

No, they are raw wood veneer.
But you can easily make your own pre-glued veneer. Just apply glue to both the substrate and the veneer sheet and let it dry. Then place the veneer on the substrate and use an iron to reactivate the glue. Make sure to heat the edges and corners.
Search YouTube, several videos available like these here.

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