Elm Burr / Burl 22cm X 20cm – 2 sheets


This is a batch of 2 sheets.
This veneer is noticeably buckled and needs to be flattened for best result.
Due to the irregular shape of the sheets we have added a 10cm grid to help judge usable dimensions.
This veneer is nominally 0.6mm thick.
Some variation may occur due to how the veneer reacts to the slicing process.
The images you see are from the actual batch of sheets you will receive.
Some variation do occur from sheet to sheet as the slicing goes further through the log.
All sheets you order from this veneer will be delivered in sequence to allow book match and other forms of matching.
The given price is total for the amount of sheets given in the description.
The dimensions given is for each individual sheet.

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Dimensions 22 × 20 cm