Mappa Burr 32cm X 27cm – 4 sheets

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This is a batch of 4 sheets.

This veneer is nominally 0.6mm thick.
Some variation may occur due to how the veneer reacts to the slicing process.
The images you see are from the actual batch of sheets you will receive.
Some variation do occur from sheet to sheet as the slicing goes further through the log.
All sheets you order from this veneer will be delivered in sequence to allow book match and other forms of matching.
The given price is total for the amount of sheets given in the description.
The dimensions given is for each individual sheet.

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Mappa burr or Black Poplar as it’s also called is native to Europe from England through France and further eastwards to the southern areas of Russia. A very sought after wood that can be used as inlay or by itself. As with any burr there will be voids in the sheets, study the photos before purchase.

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Dimensions 32 × 27 cm