Wood veneer on metal keepsake boxes

I received an email and photos from Nigel who purchase our large Marquetry packs.
I never stop being amazed how our wood veneers is used in different applications.
Nigel is sharing how he is using the veneer to line metal keepsake boxes, and the results are truly stunning.

“I buy your big sample pack and sort out the various types etc.
Using your veneers to line my keepsake boxes I laminate together two sheets at 90 degrees to each other to give me about 1.2mm thickness which suits the thickness of most of the metals I use.
See attached photos of a box I made a while ago. Lined with your veneer and cut into the lid.
See photos attached of how I laminate your veneers. I’ve treated the veneers in various keepsake boxes in different ways, with lacquer, stain, oil and wax. I’ll send a few more photos of how I cut your veneer to fit my keepsake boxes. 
Cheers Nigel”

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